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Conference calls are a feature offered by Connexium that allows multiple people to participate in a phone call together. This is different from a three-way call, which only allows three people to be on the same call at once. They can be especially useful for companies with multiple locations, for employees who work remotely or for annual reports and large sales presentations.

Conference calls are a great way for businesses to hold meetings or discussions with a bigger group of people located in different places. 

Conference calls can be scheduled in advance, and multiple local phone numbers can be provided for participants to call in. A PIN is also generated to allow participants to log into the conference call. Additionally, it is possible to access any scheduled conference calls by calling an internal or external number.

it is important to note that conference calls are limited to the number of included lines on the customer's included lines service package.

In comparison, a three-way call is much more limited in its capabilities. It only allows for three people to be on the same call at once and does not have the same scheduling or access options as conference calls. Conference calls are a much more suitable solution for businesses with larger teams or more complex communication needs.

If you are interested in organizing a larger conference call or have any questions about our conference call feature, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you plan your next conference call and ensure that it goes smoothly.
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